Abstract submission deadline postponed to Friday October 03 23:59 GMT

The workshop is organized in 9 sessions comprising 1 keynote talk, 4 invited talks, and up to 5 truly deluxe posters. The talks are by invitation, while proposals for posters contributions are open to all interested researchers. The presentation of the posters selected for each session will take place just after the talks during a 45' coffee break (morning session) or aperitif (evening session).

All keynote talks, invited talks and poster contributions should be submitted as a maximum 1-page abstract for the proceedings. The abstract should be prepared using either the LaTeX or the Word template. Note that the abstract should be converted into PDF before submission. Invited abstracts are automatically accepted, while proposed contributions will undergo a review process.

For more detailed information on the overall structure of the program and contributions, please refer to the overall structure page.

You can submit your contribution at the following address, where you will need to set up a new user account: